Add custom body class thesis writing an application letter for employment I wanted my search page to be styled differently.

Simply paste this code in your child themes functions. Cudtom order to do so, we use. Today's quick Thesis Video tutorial will demonstrate how you can easily access Wordpress Custom fields…. To get started you have two options; you can add custom body classes using individual post or page options, or you can use a Thesis filter to assign classes to a group of pages, a specific category, or just about any other specific area of your website you can think of. March 8, at And any one of these two classes used in a declaration will trump just thfsis custom by itself. This filter help me to do that.

Add my-custom-class to body writepaperworkforme.online_filter('thesis_body_classes', 'custom_body_class'). } add_filter('thesis_body_classes', 'custom_body_classes'); Sign up for free to join this conversation on GitHub. Already have an account? Can be used to change the classes which are added to body>. writepaperworkforme.online_filter('thesis_body_classes', 'custom_body_class').